Integrated aviation

manufacturing solutions


Thermoplastic part production is performed on NC controlled vacuum forming machines. Simple and complex geometry parts are formed ranging in size up to 1.2m x 2.4m. Materials that are regularly processed include:

  • polycarbonates polyphenylene sulphanes (PPS)
  • polyetherimides (PEI)
  • polyether ether ketones (PEEK), and
  • continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics (CFRTP)
Material thicknesses range from 1.2mm to 3.2mm

CFRTP part manufacture includes Glass-PPS and Carbon-PEEK material with part size up to 1.0m x 2.0m.

All tooling is designed in-house and the manufacture of this tooling is provided by South African based suppliers.

As with our composite assemblies, thermoplastic assemblies include mechanically fastened and / or bonded systems.


Current production volumes exceed
10 000 parts per month.